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Taking Care of McKinney Foundation Problems, Big or Small

Microearthquakes are extremely common in Texas, as well as other states across the country. We don't really feel them, that's why they're called microearthquakes, but our homes definitely do. They might not cause any severe damage, but they shift the ground, which affects the foundations of our houses.

You should always check for any cracks inside and outside your foundation, window frames, walls, ceilings, and more. Whether they are hairline cracks or over a quarter-inch deep, you should get them assessed by a professional.

In this week's project, the foundation problems were not caused by microearthquakes, but they were still a cause for worry. Let's see what happened!

Resolving Foundation Issues With Effective Repair in McKinney Texas

The damage all around the home

A McKinney homeowner had noticed cracks showing up in the brick, trim, and sheetrock around their house's front left corner. They had contacted an independent engineer to diagnose the problem and come up with a repair plan. The engineer believed it was due to improper compaction of fill dirt before the home was built. In addition, we think that the neighbor's large tree near the affected corner of the house played a part in the foundation problems.

Installing the PT2 system

To address the existing issues and prevent any more from happening in the future, we installed our PT2 system. The engineer's repair plan had called for five piers, but we recognized a building flaw during installation that would affect the home's structural integrity if not resolved. As a solution, we installed an additional pier within the front porch.

Repairing the leak

During the usual sprinkler test we conduct to ensure everything is running perfectly, we noticed that their existing foundation drip line had a cut and leak down the house's side. Our team went ahead and repaired that leak for our client at no additional cost at all.

The entire project took only half a day with our full crew.

Projects like the one we addressed above should always be assessed and resolved by foundation repair specialists. If you have any issues with your foundation or suspect your foundation is failing, you should not wait for the problem to worsen. You can contact us right away for expert solutions that will help keep your foundation on steady legs.

At PermaTech Foundation Repair, you will always get trustworthy services that can solve all your foundation problems. We’ll be more than happy to stop by, evaluate it, and determine the best solution. If you need foundation repair, we’re here to help. Call or text us at 214-326-0718 today. We’ll get the job done for you on time, on budget.

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