• Steve Smith

Stopping Roots in Their Tracks – McKinney

One of our projects this week is installing a root barrier for a client in McKinney.

Travis called us with concerns about cracks in the sheet rock forming inside his home. After an in-depth foundation inspection, we determined that the foundation failed around the right side of the home. While discussing possible causes for the issues, the most glaring was this large tree so close to the foundation. Trees can drink a lot of water. If more water is coming out of the soils on one side than the other…problems.

After more discussion Travis decided that in addition to the piers he would like to install a root barrier. We would put it between this tree and the home. This is to help protect the piers and areas further inside the home from future movement.

So we dug a 30″ deep trench in an arch around the tree in between the tree and the house. The digging of this trench severed the existing roots closer to the house which will cause them to die. We went 30″ deep as the majority of the surface roots for this tree travel within the first 12″. Then some stragglers the next 12″, then we add another 6″ for good measure. After we dug the trench we placed a 30 mil thick HDPE root barrier down the trench. This material will prevent new roots from going past it. Also it will be able to withstand degrading in the soils for longer than the house will be there.

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