• Steve Smith

Short Drain Clean - Frisco

Drainage is incredibly important to a properly functioning foundation whether it be for a house or a retaining wall or sidewalk. Meghann in Frisco called us in regards to a short drain just had that was supposed to be collecting the water on one side of the sidewalk and discharging it at the street. As you can see in the pictures below, it wasn't doing that and causing damage to the retaining wall and left the area always wet.

After a quick inspection by PermaTech Foundation Repair, we were able to determine that the drain line running from the retaining wall to the street was clogged and just needed to be cleaned out with an auger. Meghann hired us based on our stellar reviews and fair pricing and in under 30 minutes we were able to get the drain line running again!

Meghann was happy she hired PermaTech Foundation Repair and we're sure you will be too!

REF # 200603

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