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There are all sorts of foundation problems that can make life difficult for homeowners. It could be cracks in walls or uneven floors. Whatever the problem may be, have you noticed any foundation-related issues in your home recently?

Foundation problems always start out small. That’s why the majority of homeowners tend to ignore the first signs of damage until the problem becomes bigger and more expensive. The truth is, even the smallest of cracks can lead to bigger problems in the long run. To keep the situation from getting worse, you should always be on the lookout for signs of foundation damage. And when in doubt, always contact a trusted professional to check your home’s condition for you.

When having different professionals inspect your home, there are bound to be different opinions. Some will say a lot of work needs to be done while others will only recommend a small repair. Homeowners are left with one question—to whom do they entrust their home project?

A homeowner in McKinney, Texas called us about a foundation problem. Out of all the different companies they considered, they chose to entrust this project to us. Read on to find out why.

The Best Foundation Repair Services in McKinney

A McKinney home was showing several signs of foundation issues: the house’s expansion joint had opened, there was sheet rock damage in the ceiling, and doors wouldn't open properly. The homeowner was faced with deciding between recommendations from different contractors. Some told them that the issues were nothing too serious while others said that a lot of work needed to be done. Imagine how confusing that situation is for the homeowner!

We were the fifth company they called to look into their problem. The measurement pattern was especially tricky to read. Our team thoroughly examined everything, from combining the damage patterns with the measurement patterns to doing an in-depth look into maintenance issues that could cause such problems to happen. Unfortunately for the homeowner, our opinion was again different from what the other companies were saying. At this point, we leveled with the homeowner, explained the biases involved with getting a quote from a foundation repair company, and instead recommended that they go straight to a third party engineer and have them design the repair plan.

Despite receiving yet another different recommendation, the client appreciated our honesty and chose us because we provided the most detailed inspection and explanation!

After installation of our PT2 system, we shared insider info on how to make drainage improvements that will prevent the problem from happening again. We also advised them to keep an eye on the tree and crape myrtle in the front yard, which could lead to other foundation issues.

One important concern of our client was their sprinklers. To avoid any problems, we made sure to test their sprinkler system before and after performing our services to ensure it was working normally. We barely nicked a single sprinkler line. It wouldn't turn on when we tested it after the project, but we were able to quickly identify where the cut line was and fixed it. Another concern was their bushes, but we were able to work around those. The project completed with the sprinkler system working perfectly and their landscaping looking amazing.

Overall, the installation of the PT2 system’s piers only took us one day to finish. Our team started at 8:00 AM and wrapped up by 3:30 PM. The client was very pleased with the fast yet quality output. Their sprinkling system as well as their plants are still in great shape after all that work in their yard, and now they don't have to worry about foundation problems!

Foundation issues, whether big or small—we’ll help repair them for you! We are just one call away to help. Reach out to us today by calling or texting us at 214-326-0718.

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