• Steve Smith

Garage Corner Foundation Repair - Denton

Retirement should have been about relaxing, fishing, and golfing for Rick in Denton. Instead he was surprised by some damage that was occurring at the corner of his garage, almost like it was falling away from the rest of his home.

Luckily for Rick, we were able to diagnose the issue and implement a solution that lifted the house back into place and stabilize it from further movement.

The process involved installing 5 piers around this corner of the garage. One of which needed to installed through the concrete driveway. We also highly recommended that he have the tree at this corner removed, which he had no issue with.

There was a lot to work around this corner, but were were able to get it all back into place and repair the foundation with no additional damage to the house! This left Rick happy and got him back on track to being focused on his upcoming fishing trip!

"I'm going to close my eyes because y'all were finished before I could finish blinking!" -Rick

REF # 200123

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