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Fixing Structural Issues For Successful House Sales

Updated: Jul 6

It takes months, and even years, to find your dream home on the market. But would you still buy the house if you discovered that it had foundation problems after the inspection?

This can be heartbreaking news, not just for the buyer, but the seller as well. Most buyers won’t be too excited about buying a house that would need major repairs—they’d prefer something they could move into right away.

There would be several questions running through both the buyer and the seller’s minds. How bad is the foundation problem? How much would a repair cost? What if you can’t get it repaired? Will you still get a good deal out of the sale?

And don’t forget the major dangers that come with structural problems! It’s definitely nerve-wracking, but the majority of these foundation issues can be fixed, just like what happened to our client below.

Cost-Effective Foundation Repair in Mesquite TX

A Mesquite customer came to us via his realtor. He was in the middle of selling his house when the buyers' inspector marked the foundation as deficient.

There were large expansion joint separations on either side of the house. If this issue were ignored, we would expect the damage to spread to the brick and sheetrock, then to the windows and doors. These structural problems could also potentially cause plumbing and roofing damage.

If you are selling your home, you need to keep in mind that most potential buyers will be hiring their own inspectors. If they do find that your home has foundation damage, you would probably have to lower your price by around $10,000 or more. In our customer’s case, they received a quote to repair the foundation from the buyer.

Nobody wants to lose money when selling their property. In an effort to reduce their costs, the realtor called us to perform our own inspection and provide a quote. We used a state-of-the-art elevation machine to determine the exact area of concern, which minimized the pier count that in turn made our pricing way more competitive than the buyer’s quote.

Goodbye, Foundation Problems. Hello, Sale!

We installed 10 of our PT2 System, which is a rebar enforced concrete pressed piling. These piers are installed by pushing the pilings into the ground under the house to a more restrictive layer of clay. This layer doesn't move as much as the clay near the surface.

And that’s not all we did! Our team also made sure to test the sprinkler system (as seen below) before and after the project to ensure it wasn’t affected.

To further protect the sale, we also provided engineering reports and plumbing tests. These helped the buyer feel more at ease that everything was being completed correctly, ensuring there won’t be any residual problems with the plumbing afterwards. And we even cleaned up when the project was done!

Look at the difference our service made!

The project took 2 days to complete, which was before their closing date. Definitely a successful deal for our team, our customer, as well as the buyer.

Remember, any problems with your home’s foundation could affect your sales transactions. If you want to successfully sell your house, give our professionals a call or text at 214-326-0718.

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