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First Step For A Remodel is Foundation Repair - Lewisville

Matt had the paint colors and floor type picked out and was ready to get going on the remodel of his house when he had to slam on the brakes. He started seeing cracks on the exterior and interior of his home, as well as his back door was having trouble working. He first called another company who gave him a quote large enough to completely destroy his budget for the remodel and he was devastated. After talking with some of his friends, one of which happened to a previous customer of ours told him that he should give us a call and get a second opinion. Not only did we do thorough inspection of his house and problem, we also sat down with Matt and dove into some of the historical data of the house, area, and timeline of the problems he saw. We discovered that one area of the house that the other company recommended be fixed, had already been repaired before and the measurements showed it hadn't changed since then. We also discovered that another area of the house was moving as a result of a clogged drain that could easily been cleaned. This fact finding mission only left a small corner of the house that needed to be addressed and we gave him a quote that was much more budget friendly!

The project was completed within his budget and time frame with no surprises, just as we planned. Matt was able to get back to being excited about his remodel and was eventually able to get it started after a brief waiting period. During our follow up inspection we were able to check in on his work and verify our work was holding steady. Matt was super stoked and so were we!

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