• Steve Smith

Drainage for Keeping the Shoes Dry - McKinney

Linda in McKinney came to us with a interesting drainage problem. Every time it rained, she would have a small lake in front of her house, concentrated on her sidewalk. Because of that she would have to get her feet wet whenever she walked into her house!

Linda has a unique yard, one in which the street level is higher than where her house sits and her front yard is like a valley. Over the years the slopes and swales of her yard changed to be unable to move water away from the front yard. Instead of completely regrading her yard, we presented a drainage option that would collect the water at the low points and redirect it to the back alley way.

We did this by installing a channel drain in the sidewalk, a series of small catch basins in the dips along the front, and connecting all the gutter downspouts into a discharge line that pops up at the back alley.

Like all jobs we perform, we checked in with Linda 90 days after working on her house and are pleased to announce that this solution has fixed her drainage issues! No more moats, no more wet feet!

REF # 200210

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