• Steve Smith

Discontinued Brick Breakout for Foundation Work – Lewisville

This project takes us to Lewisville, where Mrs. Kim was requiring foundation repair around the front of her house in order to sell it. The problem was, one of the piers would require the busting out of existing brick on the front porch and this brick was discontinued. She was worried that the new brick wouldn’t match the existing and would make it more difficult for her to sell.

An alternative was for us to tunnel under the porch, but this would have required many linear feet of tunneling and wasn’t economically feasible for Mrs. Kim.

We told her not to worry, we have the best brick guy in all of DFW! After taking some samples of the existing brick to some of our suppliers we were able to find some very closely matching bricks in different sets and styles. So we bought packs from three different styles of bricks and removed the matching ones to Mrs. Kim’s existing brick.

After busting the existing brick out and performing the foundation work. We laid the concrete down below, giving enough space to place new mortar under the new brick. We let this concrete cure for a few days and came back to place the new brick we found. We also had to match the existing mortar color.

After it was all said and done, Mrs. Kim was super happy with how it turned out! REF # 191029

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