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Baby Proofing with Foundation Repair - Garland

Hayden and his wife have had a busy year! They bought a house, had a baby, discovered another baby is on the way, made plans to remodel the house, then they found out their home foundation was failing. As you can imagine, this was not the cherry on top they wanted to end the year on. Luckily for them, PermaTech was on the case!

After our thorough inspection involving cataloging visual observations, taking detailed elevation measurements, and discussing the history of the house and weather history, we determined that the perimeter of the foundation was beginning to settle. Therefore we put together a plan to lift and stabilize those areas.

As you can see from the pictures above, foundation repair can be very messy and intrusive. However we approach every job like we would our own homes, taking care to get everything back the way it was and cleaning up after ourselves. Like we do with every project, we checked back in with Hayden after 90 days and performed one last inspection. We are happy to announce that the project was a success. The home was lifted back into place and has held firm. We discussed some maintenance items he should target, but ultimately gave them the green light to start the remodel!

REF # 200217

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